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Quality Links

Due to the high quality content, social engagement, and click-through traffic, guest post links are highly trusted by the search engines and it is also considered to be the types of links needed to create an natural looking well-balanced link profile.

Targeted Traffic

Your high quality guest posts will generate anywhere from few clicks to several hundred during effective social media engagement. The best part of guest blog posting is that it will provide long-term source of targeted traffic.

Branding Awareness

Your website and business name will be placed in the author bio along with links to your websites and, where possible to your social media pages.


Why Choose Guest Blogging Academy?

With our guest posting service you and your clients get authoritative, trusted links wrapped within creative original content published on a website hand picked for your project. This is a guest posting service and these are called ‘guest posts’ but will not always appear as traditional guest posts with links in the author boxes. Over 90% of the time we don’t use guest post labels or author boxes, instead we make the links more natural and powerful by keeping them within content. The links exist within the natural flow of the article, along with other related (but not competitive) external links to further solidify the authentic nature of each blog post.

Genuine Blogger Outreach

We create relationships with site owners through genuine blogger outreach. With our experience of working with more than 100 agencies in more than 6 different countries we have developed unique and organic ways of finding targeting blogs through the manual process of creating real relationships. Rest assured we steer clear from blog networks, guest blogging forums and any other community that abuses the nature of guest blogging.

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Our 10 Link Quality Metrics

Domain Authority

It is a measure of the importance of a link and take into account the site’s age, its content and its popularity (Social and Links) among other factors.


Is the number of people that visit a site via target links. Alexa.com and Compete.com both provide traffic estimations and rankings of websites.

Content Quality

There is no room for diversity here. The pages who link to you should be quality pages of original, well written content. Not spun, scraped or gibberish content. Low quality pages are eventually filtered out and will have no value. Spun or scraped content indicates that the site was built for, or is mainly used for, SEO link building. Enough of these pages linking to you can be dangerous to your rankings.


A relevant link is a link that comes from a page that is about the same or similar topic as the page that the link points to. Of course everyone knows that relevant links are good. However, even the highest ranking, most trusted sites have a certain percentage of their backlinks that do not come from relevant pages, and this is considered to be natural. If a too-high percentage of your links are relevant, this can be a problem. Likewise, if too few of your links are relevant, this is also a problem. It needs to be a natural mix of mostly, but not all, relevant links.


A large number or percentage of your backlinks that are optimized for the same keyword can trigger a penalty. It’s important that proper percentages are maintained and that many of the anchors are for non-keywords (such as the brand name, domain name, “click here”, etc.)

Link Velocity

A normal link profile includes links that accumulate over a period of time and will have diversity in the age of the links. But every site must start with zero links and you have to start somewhere, so it’s usually necessary to start out slowly. However, some sites that receive online press/media attention or social buzz can often grow links more rapidly without a problem. In the strategic planning stage of a link building campaign, it is important to calculate what level of velocity will be considered “normal”, taking into account the topical niche and other factors. A smart SEO professional with link building experience can make recommendations that will allow you to grow links at the fastest (safe) velocity for your situation.

Outbound Links

It’s best to mostly link only to relevant pages, and never to a bad neighborhood like porn, hate, pills or gambling sites, or to sites that are mostly advertisements or affiliate links. Linking to authority sites in your topical niche has been shown to have some benefit to your own rankings. However, know that any link value exiting your site in this manner is no longer available for recirculation within your site, regardless of whether you employ rel=nofollow or not, so providing links to others must be done in moderation and should be for your users benefit, not for a link trade.

Content Type

There are many types of pages on the internet including blogs, ecommerce, corporate sites, directories, social media profiles, article sites, news sites, etc. It’s best if your links come from a natural mix of all types of sites. A link profile that, for example, consists only of links from social media profile pages may be considered untrustworthy.

Reciprocal Links

These are links where one website links to another, who then links back to the original site creating a situation where the sites appear to have “traded” links. Like other attributes mentioned, a certain amount of this is normal because it can naturally happen with no intentional effort to manipulate rankings by either party. But care should be taken to make sure these types of links are in the extreme minority.

Language & Geo-Location

If your site is in the USA and written in English, getting a few links from foreign sites or sites written in other languages will not hurt, as long as this percentage is considered normal. If a too-high percentage of your links, for example, come from sites located or registered in India or China, this may be a problem unless it is considered normal for your niche. For example, many links from other countries to a USA site geared towards immigration or visas could be considered natural since most sites in that niche will likely have a similar link profile. It can also be considered natural if the site content reflects this type of international relationship. Google can determine location by registrar (whois) information, physical hosting location (IP) of the sites, contact/address information published on the sites, the content, the language, and country specific TLD (like co.uk, .ca, .cn, .etc.). If your site is for a local business, then geotargeting is particularly applicable to the content surrounding the link, where you should emphasize the location. Also, it’s best to get some links from sites that are “local” to your area.

What Our Clients Say?

"GuestBloggingAcademy provided an outstanding guest blog posting service for an affordable price. Thanks for getting the posts published on high authority sites."

− Jessica Johnson,The Secret Weapon Team

"GuestBloggingAcademy has always been the best option to get my guest blog posts published in timely manner. Thanks for providing such efficient and quality service."

− Haleigh, ReviewSamurai.com

"GuestBloggingAcademy took the hard work on getting our guest posts published on targeted blogs/sites though our niche is slightly complicated. Thanks for the genuine service."

− Rohan, Analytixsolutions.net

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